Website Design – Creation In Time Lapse

Being a web & graphic designer and developer I have a huge knowledge craving of the subject. Usually when creating a new project you never get to see your work being created from scratch right before your eyes and in a matter of minutes. There is such an amount of energy, dedication and time that goes into creating a new website that you never see. Of course, the final result is right there but as far as the amount of time it has taken to create a website is never really revealed.

You would need a camera to follow your progress 24/7 in order for someone to realize just how much work it is. But guess, now you can see it. A few dedicated web designers out there have actually turned on their cameras and gone to work. The result is a great couple of video clips that takes you from nada to launch.

It’s truly fascinating to see it all come to life!

Time Lapse Web Design

Website from scratch in 2 Weeks Time Lapse

Web Design in 2 Minutes

How to build a website in 3 minutes