We’ve Finally Found The Real Entrance To Alice’s Wonderland!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all could just imagine something, and it would come true? We could travel to foreign lands and experience adventures far beyond our wildest imagination. Well, luckily for us it is not possible more than in just that… our imagination. However, that doesn’t stop us from continuing the search. As a matter of fact, what would the world be if we didn’t search for a little adventure every now and then to spice up our ordinary boring lives?

As you might have figured out, some people just won’t let themselves be held up by such nonsense as reality. Artists Dan Havel and Dean Ruck of Art League Houston decided to create their own tunnel to the magical lands beyond our imagination.

Not settling for just an ordinary piece of artwork, they started working on a wooden vortex hole that was to become two houses deep. When they revealed their work, people were stunned and intrigued by the vortex and where it might lead to. I guess you’d like to ask where it is leading to… but that’s exactly the point. It’s your imagination that is supposed to determine that. If it’s true or not is irrelevant in this case.

Unfortunately the wooden vortex art piece is no longer present and has been demolished. Why? Who knows… I guess that’s another question that is irrelevant to answer since there are still photos around to tickle your imagination in just the right way.