What is Typography? | A Lesson

Sometimes the word “Typography” can be quite wide and blurry if used in a wider context. Both creating and viewing typography can be really inspirational for any design related topic and is widely used in several different art directions such as movie intros, book covers, titling etc… Creating a good piece of typography is both time consuming and suggests that you have a lot of patience as the “fitting” is in every way by far the most important aspect of the creation process.

So, what is “Typography“? Can it be explained in a better and simpler way? Well, there are several written tutorials and explanations scattered out there on the Internet but the best way is really to view it in motion. At least that’s what I think. I’ve been meaning to create a tutorial on the subject myself but time has been quite limited and I am putting in the “To Do” column for now. However, I ran some searches on the subject and came up with a few really good and interesting explanation clips for you all. Remember that “Typography” is quite a wide topic and that it can be utilized in a lot of different media outlets. Just because it’s not in written or drawn form it doesn’t mean that it’s not Typography.

If you have wider and larger resources on Typography please don’t hesitate to share them here. Always looking for another perspective of things and if it is good it’s most likely that I will cover it here on Bit Rebels. So, start sharing and enjoy!