Whoa! Transformers Inspired Steel Megatron Tank Design

What would you do if you were bored and had 5.51 tons of steel lying around? Hmm… you could always do what this Chinese man did and build a super duper kick ass mind blowing Megatron tank with it. The person who created this handcrafted beauty calls himself Steel Legend. I’m dying to know exactly how much it cost him to make this, but that info is nowhere to be found.

It is inspired by the Transformers 2 movie, and the movie itself is the only reference this designer used to sculpt this Decepticon. I think that’s incredible! Unfortunately, it doesn’t move or transform. However, before you snub it, check out these measurements. This thing is huge at 4.5 x 3.2 x 2.5 meters.

If nothing else, it’s an impressive piece of art. As Slash Gear so eloquently put it, “We’ve a soft spot for anything that looks like it could bring down an F-22 while simultaneously giving your tetanus.” My only question is, how will it get displayed properly somewhere for people to view it? It looks like it’s in a warehouse of some sort in these pictures. My guess is that sucker won’t be easy to move! You can check out more pictures on Z Cool.

Transformers Inspired Decepticon Design

Transformers Inspired Megatron Tank Design

Decepticon Megatron Steel Tank Design

Via: [Slash Gear]