Who’s On First? | Typography

Every now and then I stumble over something that I just can’t keep myself from posting here on Bit Rebels. This time it’s one of histories most legendary comic performances. It’s even been featured in several movies throughout the years. The biggest one being “Rain Man” starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. The dilemma is quite simple and the actors in thisaudio clip is keeping is awesomely together while performing it.

If you listen to it several times over and over again you will see that not once, Not a single time either one of them gets it wrong. Practise? Or just plain geniuses both of them? Well, in my oponion it’s one of the most entertaining short clips on the Internet. And now, someone even bothered creating a typography design out of it which should make following it a lot easier. Simply awesomeness if you ask me!