Workaholic’s Dream: The Ostrich Power Nap Pillow

For a few weeks now, this ostrich pillow has been circulating the Internet. At first, people were just writing about it because it’s odd to look at, and it makes for an interesting post. However, over the past few days, I’ve seen some people writing about what this pillow represents as it relates to how much we work. I’ve finally decided to weigh in on it all.

The first and most obvious thing I have to say about this is that if people are debating about a pillow… Well, perhaps we have a little too much time on our hands. I have to admit though, it’s kind of fun. If you haven’t seen this, let me explain exactly what it is. This pillow is a way for us to take a power nap at their desk. Once we put our head and hands into the holes in this pillow, we enter a serene, cozy, warm, soundproof little haven, perfect for grabbing a couple minutes of sleep. It’s called the Ostrich Pillow because of how similar it looks to an ostrich putting his head in the sand.

To disagree with some of my colleagues online, I don’t believe that since someone designed a pillow to help us take a power nap during the workday, it means our lives are falling apart because we work so much that we get sleepy during the day. As a matter of fact, I would even go so far as to say that taking a desk power nap is healthier than getting an additional afternoon cup of coffee.

This particular article entitled Why The Ostrich Sleeping Pillow Is A Terrible Idea made me giggle. It suggests that if we use this pillow, we will get robbed, probably suffocate and surely get fired while we’re snoozing away at our desk. Dang, it would suck to work in that office! LOL In all seriousness, I think this pillow is a neat idea. I can imagine so many places where it would come in handy. Sure, it’s true; we may look like an idiot using it, but who cares about that? We’re all so busy and sleep is more valuable today than ever, even if it comes in the form of quick power naps. Designer: kawamura ganjavian

Workaholics Power Nap Solution

Workaholics Power Nap Solution

Workaholics Power Nap Solution

Workaholics Power Nap Solution

Ostrich Head In The Sand

Cute Ostrich Close Up Image

Via: [Walyou] [The Disgruntled Architect] Image Credit: [Andy Serrano / deviantART]