World’s Biggest Business Card Is 728 Times The Original Size!

Handing out business cards to people is a good thing, but doesn’t always garner the attention you are looking for. Today, you need something that will catch people’s attention in a whole new way. Perhaps a new design or a new shape altogether will do it, right?

Well, in a world full of social media noise and a plethora of social media platforms to introduce you to new people, your business card needs to stand out in a completely unique way. That’s exactly what instantprint decided to do when they designed their world record-breaking business card.

At first, their record idea was considered bizarre and somewhat ludicrous, but a strong forward opinion finally pulled the project together. The aim was to produce a massive business card, send it to a customer and pretend that nothing had gone wrong. However, as the project progressed, the team were made aware that the size they were after had not been produced before and that it could possibly be a record.

As a finished “product” it is anything but an ordinary business card – and this time around you can really say that size does matters. As a matter of fact, it is absolutely massive! It’s so big that is was rewarded a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the world’s biggest business card ever made.

Measuring 3.4m2 (36.60ft2), it is 728 times the original size of an ordinary business card. Sure, you won’t have a pack of these gargantuan business cards to hand out anytime soon, but just one should be enough to get you the attention you are after.

The process behind making the world’s biggest business card is not exactly as easy as just entering some text into the computer and clicking “print”. There is a lot more involved when you’re printing text on a surface this big. To start, a professional printer able to produce copy sizes most of us would only dream of was used and, after a lot of tinkering and planning, the judges from the Guinness Book of World Records were invited to oversee the process of printing the world’s biggest business card in order for it to be official.

With a printing company like instantprint the result was, of course, a success and the biggest business card in the world was born. It’s easy to see why business cards have become so popular around the world – when you consider the incredible amount of designs, types and shapes they come in, well, they’re just too cool not to have. Simple as that!

World’s Biggest Business Card – The Delivery

Instantprint Biggest Business Card

Instantprint Biggest Business Card

Instantprint Biggest Business Card