WOW | Genius way to describe great design!

I am laughing. I am staring at the screen at this crazy guy that I knew but still didn’t. I have used his designs. I have seen his creations and so have you. But I knew nothing about him and how he saw design. I never thought of design this way and I am quite sure you haven’t either. I am just simply blown away by this simple yet genius awesome way of looking at design. Really, I don’t know what to say. I am totally and utterly speechless.

The humor and humble approach this guy shows towards life in itself and the humanity is astonishing. His caring for coming generations is inspiring and I can honestly say that I will, to my best ability, try and adapt this to my every day life. I will force myself to do it. I will do everything I can to do it.

Philippe Starck - MouseHis name is Philippe Starck and he’s the inventor of some of today’s most used and highly respected items. He’s designed stuff like the War of The Worlds Juice Press, Tooth Brushes, Toilet Brushes, Tooth Pick and the awesome looking computer mouse show here to the right. This Frenchman is just about the most awesome designer I have come across so far. The french accent is no longer hard to understand when he starts talking due to the huge amount of funny things he always sports. His truly engaging way of describing modern and future design will make you think. If not, you’re not meant to be a designer. It’s inspiring on a different level and that’s just the only way I can describe his speech that he delivered on the TED community conference not long ago.

This is a MUST watch for ANY designer. Enjoy!