Your Favorite Superheroes Made From Paint Splashes

You know what these paint-splashed superheroes remind me of? A few months ago, there was an art installation that was everywhere on the Internet. I didn’t write about it because quite honestly, it was kinda gross. It was where a woman would drink different colored juices, and then put her finger down her throat to puke it up. She would vomit on a canvas, and surprisingly, it resulted in a beautifully colorful paint-splashed-looking piece of art. If you want to read about it, you can go to New Art Trend: Vomit Paint.

This is also paint-splashed art, but I’m happy to report these are made with paint, not vomit. We’ve features countless articles with different executions of superheroes, and I think they just keep getting better and better!

These creative designs were made by Arian Noveir, an artist in France. Can you figure out which superheroes all of these are? The only one that stumped me was Hellboy, but that’s probably because I never saw the movie. I love this style when artists create our favorite superheroes without making them look cartoony if you know what I mean. These look classy and modern, and I would love to have this Batman one in my house. If you would like to learn more about Arian, see more of his work (and even buy one of these prints), you can check out his website, or visit him on Behance.

Batman Illustration Made With Paint

Hulk Illustration Made With Paint

Iron Man Made With Paint

Thor Made With Paint Splashes

Spiderman Made From Paint

Wolverine Made From Paint

Hellboy Made With Paint

Via: [My Modern Met]