1 boy + 1 monster = Aether

Aether just sums up why I love indie games.  Its because the people who make them are not far off from being either genius or taken away by men in white coats,  I think this game ballances these two things perfectly.

Stuck on earth a lonely boy longs to see more, and quite amazing finds a monster who he befriends! Now this monster has a long sticky touge which he can shoot out and swing from clouds and asteriods enabling him to travel through space.  So the boy hops on the back of his new friend and off they go into space, seeking out new life and planets… (holds off the Star Trek quote…)

Now each planet you visit has a puzzle to solve, and its all a little abstract.  The music is also very relaxing and fits very well…

Artistically the game is really lovely, its another hand drawn style – very unique and adictive.  I would definitly give this a go!

You can download Aether here for Mac and PC – its a flash game :)