3 Classic Rock Albums To Test Out Your New Headphones

Music fans today tend to fall into one of two categories. There are those who are all right with the small, tinny sound emanating from their phone, as they are more concerned about a great quantity of music as opposed to the quality of the sound. In contrast to them are the so-called audiophiles who want their sound to be as detailed and as potent as possible.

Not only will these people spring for high-end stereo systems to receive the best possible sound from their equipment, they are also likely to splurge on headphones that will bring the music right into their skull. If that’s you, only the best will do, and you won’t settle for anything less.

If that’s the case, you also shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best music to come through those headphones. You want an album that is going to envelop you with fascinating sound and make you want to cue it up all over again once the last song fades out.

First, you need to know how to find the best studio headphones, and you can find those reviewed here. Once you have your ear cans of choice, you should immediately check out these three masterpieces to get you started on your audio journey.

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1. Pet Sounds By The Beach Boys

It was an album that was somewhat maligned in its time, and even members of the Beach Boys themselves were at a loss about what to make of these strange sounds put together by mastermind Brian Wilson. Yet people kept returning to the album as the years went past, perhaps because they were fascinated by Wilson’s struggles to keep it together (“I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times,” he sings), but more likely because the intertwining voices and the melancholy wall of sound were just irresistible.

2. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band By The Beatles

Paul McCartney imagined an album where The Beatles didn’t have to be themselves. And so, the lyrics told stories of everyday, mundane events: doing work around the house, going on a date, a girl running away from home. Yet the quartet dresses up these songs with music that left the boundaries of traditional rock music far behind. By the time the thunderous piano chord of “A Day In The Life” finally fades out, the Fab Four have done nothing less than demonstrate the power of music.

3. Dark Side Of The Moon By Pink Floyd

A song cycle about madness, a topic that hit close to home for Pink Floyd, Dark Side of The Moon is one of the true headphone experiences. Voices can be heard in the margins that sound like they might be in your head, explosions crash down on you, bells ring to shock you into awareness. All of it comes in service of a song cycle that posits that the only sane thing to do in the modern world is going crazy.

These three classics should give you an idea about the capabilities of your sound system and your headphones. You can build your collection from there knowing you have a great foundation. Also, there are many people who won’t be able to guess these artists or songs with just one lyric. Are you up for a challenge?

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