Release Your Inner Nerd With These Geeky Classic Games

The concept of nerd gaming has evolved significantly over the last few years. In fact the term nerd itself, once deemed derogatory, has been completely spun on its head. It’s cool to be viewed as a little bit geeky nowadays and there’s no shame in enjoying the things that a ‘nerd’ always has. Whether it’s a certain genre of movies, a certain type of TV show, or even specific video games, the popularity of people wanting to embrace the unconventional has soared. So, with this in mind, sit back and embrace these nerdy staples. It’s time to get back to the classic games that pushed us to become geek overlords.

Star Wars Monopoly

Star Wars has always been synonymous with geek culture, and Monopoly is the most famous board game in the world, so there’s no better way to release your inner geek than by indulging a few classic games of Star Wars Monopoly. For those who need to be reacquainted with the rules, each player has a marker, or in this case a Star Wars character, which moves over spaces that represent either properties to own, cards to draw, or money to collect or pay. You buy and maintain as many properties as possible without going bankrupt or having to mortgage too many properties, while seeking the financial destruction of your opponents. It really is a great way to hang out with your friends on a rainy day and if you find yourself taking a liking to the format, you can even compete in tournaments against fellow enthusiasts.

World Of Warcraft

If you want to jump feet first into the fabulous world of nerd gaming then the hugely popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft is here to oblige. Over five and a half million people around the world currently subscribe to the fantasy realm which prompt players to create an avatar character that can go off and explore the incredibly expansive fantasy universe of quests and monsters. World Of Warcraft’s popularity is probably enough to rule all classic games to date.

Dungeons & Dragons

Before World of Warcraft’s virtual environment transformed the way in which millions of people game together online there was of course Dungeons & Dragons. This classic fantasy tabletop role-playing game first arrived on the scene way back in 1974 and is still being enjoyed by millions of fans to this very day. Dungeons & Dragons allows players to choose their own adventure; teams are encouraged to create their own storylines within the context of the rules and elect a Dungeon Master to guide them through the adventure.

The Avengers Slots

Marvel’s hugely successful Avengers franchise has spawned a number of great classic games, but none is arguably more popular than the Avengers slot game. Brought to you from the same developers who pioneered Siberian Storm slots, players are required to spin the reel and obtain winning symbol combinations to unlock prizes and different bonus levels. Available to play in free-play or real-money mode, The Avengers slot is available on all reputable games websites. Slot machines, virtual or not, are undoubtedly one of the geekiest classic games you can ever play.

Geeky And Timeless Classic Games

Geeky Timeless Classic Games

Geeky Timeless Classic Games

Geeky Timeless Classic Games