4 Great Tips On How To DJ Like A Pro

The job of a DJ is to set the mood and guide the energy of everyone to a climax. You need a strategy depending on the audience you are entertaining. Your success at entertaining is achieved through the brilliant selection of songs, proper timing, and execution. You should also master how to read your crowd, and have the patience while building up a dance floor. To execute like a pro, here are some guidelines you should adopt that will take your game to a new level.

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Preparation And Practice

The most important part of your performance is preparation and ensuring you have practiced mastering your collection. This preparation includes finding the best turntable that can help you to mix the songs you have chosen seamlessly.

Having an idea of the audience, you will be playing for will give you a clue of the kind of setup you should have. However, don’t always pre-plan the entire set, but make sure to understand options before the show kicks off. Make playlists of the music you would like to play to the audience. For different gigs, use different playlists, and only include tracks that work together.

Be Flexible, And Be Ready To Make Changes

Not all the time you will find fans that make requests, but you will occasionally encounter this situation. You need to be flexible enough to accommodate requests posted by fans as this is one of the ways to enhance the performance of your show. An idea you could try is to divide playlists based on mood and energy rather than genres. It will lead you to a combination that allows you more flexibility in case someone comes up with a request whose genre is out of the list you have chosen.


Many DJs forget that programming can make or break a performance. It is an essential part of your preparation. A technical mix with no soul is a bad idea. Music is the push that will move the audience, and its flow from a track to another could create a journey if you can plan well. Some DJs lose this due to the excitement and quickly slip away from continuing the journey. You can learn from seasoned DJs that you should avoid instant gratification because it only offers a short-term fix, and your crowd could burn out quickly.

Don’t Overdo Effects

New DJs fall into the temptation always to use sound effects, and this comes back as a disadvantage. While effects could be an artistic enhancement, exaggerating could ruin an excellent collection. Don’t try to use effects for every transition from one song to another. It makes your pattern predictable, and this takes away the fun. Use levels and EQ to generate interest before using effects, so when you drop an effect, it sounds special instead of an annoying or redundant sound.

Mixing music is an art, and you have to understand the process of coming up with a high-quality mix. Get prepared for your performances, and ensure your setup is arranged with all necessary equipment. It’s easy to master how to play music that will arouse the audience, and keep them engaged. Consider the guidelines above to get started.

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