5 Most Popular Social Betting Tipsters

People are always trying to get the upper hand when placing wagers on betting events. Getting good inside knowledge or good advice from experienced betters who follow events closely is always a welcome bonus when deciding to place specific bets.

There are hundreds of websites and social betting apps that claim to provide good insights backed by expert knowledge that help people to gain some understanding of the better bets to take. With an overload of info on the internet, it can be a daunting task to know which sites and social profiles to follow. In this article, we will look at 5 of the most popular betting tipsters.

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Safe Betting Sites

With all kinds of social media platforms becoming more popular over time, telegram is definitely a noteworthy competitor in the scene lately. What makes telegram so powerful is its group management aspect, where multiple experts can collectively form a profile on telegram and club their knowledge together. “Safe Betting Tips” is one such telegram channel that offers insight into sports betting.

Currently, with over 7,000 active members, the group keeps growing. They also provide a premium sub-channel for paying clients that get premium content. They mainly cover football and sports betting but often also release e-sports tips and articles to offer some insights. They cover big sports events and also provide reports that give insights into upcoming events to help provide the members with good info to place some profitable bets.

Geordie Tipster On Twitter

Geordie is one of the most popular twitter sports betting tipsters on Twitter. He boasts a following of over 100,000 followers and always tries to keep his Twitter feed entertaining and exciting. He always has a great selection of football tips that can be checked out at any time. He tends to focus his time and energy on the more popular leagues rather than the lower-tier football leagues.

A casual punter is most likely to benefit from this, in contrast to placing bets on obscure games in the more minor leagues. He posts rather frequently as well, so give him a follow to get the latest info.

Andy Robson Tipster On Twitter

Andy Robson started off as a betting fanatic that simply posted his own bets and tips on Twitter, but the profile soon grew very large and gained a significant following. He now has over 500,000 followers on his Twitter channel, and it seems to keep growing at a fast pace. Andy mainly focuses on in-play football bets, but now and then, he has a few challenges that he posts to his followers to keep things interesting.

Andy also posts exclusive betting offers at times for his followers. Andy Robson is no doubt a fan-favorite football tipster, and giving him a follow on Twitter will be an excellent asset to have in getting an edge when it comes to sports betting.

Mark O’Haire On Twitter

Mark O’Haire is a professional football statistician for bookmakers, and he is putting his professional knowledge to good use. He started a Twitter profile in 2010 and has gained a following of over 36,000 followers. Mark clearly knows what he is talking about when it comes to analysing football data to get an edge when placing bets.

He might not have as big of a following as other tipsters on Twitter, but he takes more of an analytical approach to things, which his followers know and trust. Following Mark will no doubt give fresh insights when placing your bets and may just give you the edge you need.

James Murphy On Twitter

James Murphy only started his Twitter account in 2016 and has already gained over 175,000 followers. He is known for consistently turning £25 into £1,000 repeatedly. He likes to keep things light and humorous on his channel and regularly engages with his fans, which makes things fun and interesting.

He mainly focuses on football events and always keeps his fans updated with fresh betting tips, and it certainly turns out to be an excellent winning rate for his followers. James Murphy is well worth a follow on Twitter if you want to be in the know.

Disclaimer: Never play for more than you can afford to lose. Gambling can lead to a serious addiction. Gamble responsibly.

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