8-Bit Theater

The plot of 8-Bit Theater is loosely based on that of the video games as well as pop culture phenomena such as comic book superheroes, TV shows and movies. They are popular web comic in animated form.

An 8-Bit Reenactment of Dungeons and DragonsThe most amazing bloopers are here

The reenactment of Dungeons and Dragons here on 8-bit theater i found was hilarious.

A lot are really into gaming and the love for rpg and video games resonates to all generation. Here is an example of a final fantasy tribute mural. Created by 8 bit theater fans. From left to right, featured characters are Red Mage, Thief, Black Mage, Fighter, Black Belt, White Mage, and Sarda.

The image took 3 hours of planning and 2 hours of drawing and filming.

Final Fantasy Tribute MuralFunny bloopers R us