Alice Returns to Wonderland with Johnny Depp

I’m a huge Johnny Depp fan. Like any other warm blooded woman on the planet, I think he is the best thing to ever hit Hollywood. I also think Tim Burton is a genius. Seeing the world through his eyes is always a treat. When I realized they are both part of this new Disney movie, Alice in Wonderland, I immediately knew it is going to be marvelous.

This story is the sequel to the original children’s book and when you see the trailer below, you are going to be blown away. I love it when Johnny Depp gets into full makeup and takes on that aloof “Edward Scissorhands” attitude.

The original Alice in Wonderland story was written in 1865. The famous metaphor of “falling down the rabbit hole” and the white rabbit has been used over and over ever since. In this new film, Alice returns to Wonderland to take on the evil Red Queen.

I’ll be the first person in line in March when this movie comes out. I can’t wait!