Cars 2: The Entire Trailer Recreated In Lego

In just a few days, Cars 2 will be released here in the States. I know most people are fans of Lightning McQueen, but Mater was always my favorite. This new movie focuses more on him and his little adventures, so I have no doubt I’ll like it. The only question for me is whether or not I’ll see it in the theaters or wait until I can watch it at home. I think I’ll see what the Twitter buzz about it is like before I make that decision.

If you are a Cars fan, you’ve probably seen the trailer for the new movie. However, I bet you haven’t seen it like this before! Patrick Boivin, a stop-motion animation director at Pascal Blais Animation Studio, completely recreated the official Cars 2 trailer in Lego. Every single scene including the races, rescues, explosions, and even the clouds are made with Lego.

I’ve seen a lot of Lego builds, but I’ve never watched a Lego car crash before. I would have loved to see exactly how this was made. I have a feeling it wasn’t easy! If you love Lego as much as we do here on Bit Rebels, you are going to dig this. According to Vimeo, it took months of work to complete. I wonder how many Lego bricks were used? This is geektastic for sure!

Lightning McQueen Cars Movie

Lightning McQueen Cars Movie

Lightning McQueen Cars Movie

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