Audio Gaming: Pew Pew Is Still Packing A Punch

I just love it when someone thinks outside the box for a change. We’re already seeing all of these first person shooters packed up on the shelves at the game store. Do we really need another game just like the sequel before it? I mean, sure, it has better graphics and a better or different story line, but the game mechanics are pretty much all the same over and over. What happened to the Pac-Man, Super Mario and Zaxxon ingenuity? We should still be able to create games that have a different perspective than the one before. I love what Nintendo did with Zelda when they went from 2D to 3D for example. They are truly messing about with that title, and I think it’s doing it good.

The Pew Pew Pew game is a new breed of XBox Live games developed for the Global Game Jam 2011. It’s brain numbingly easy, and still it looks amazingly fun. It’s a two person game that lets you and your partner control a ship through two Rock Band mics. All you really do is make the sound of an engine, and it rockets up. If you want to shoot, just say “Pew” and it shoots.

You see, games don’t have to be more complicated than that to make perfect sense and to become nerdiliciously addicting. There is no release date set yet for this game, but as soon as it hits the market, you can be sure we’ll be reporting about it. Nerd gaming just got cooler and I, for one, am definitely going to look into it when it is released. That’s a fact people! Awesomeness defined!

Audio Space Gaming With Mic

Audio Space Gaming With Mic