Authentic Footage Of Falling Astronauts Shows Moonwalking Is Tricky

Back in 1969, man first set foot on the moon. It was a moment of epic achievement and one that will forever be known as the first step man took to expand our domains to other moons and planets. It has mesmerized people from the moment Armstrong climbed down the lunar lander’s ladder. What followed was 21 and a half hours of lunar surface interaction and a whole lot of moonwalking as we have seen many times from the authentic footage shot during the landing.

There has of course been a whole lot of controversy surrounding the actual lunar landing. People have even said it was all fake and that it never happened. Well, either way, we have come to believe that the whole thing was perfectly executed, and by every stretch of the imagination, it was. However, when we think about NASA, we tend to think everything is done perfectly. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and through those we learn more and even perfect our technique for getting into space.

When it comes to lunar landings, authentic footage shows that everything might not be as easy and perfect as NASA showed us it was. We see perfect jumps, interaction with vehicles and other equipment, but nothing really happens. It’s all polished and refined. Well, it turns out there was a little bit more that happened on that lunar surface than what we have come to believe. It’s all compiled in some rather hilarious authentic footage.

Being in less gravity than what we are used to is not the easiest of things to adjust to. That is evidenced when we see this authentic footage (uploaded by SaturnApollo) from several lunar landings compiled. A small jump can easily push you off balance, and just a little bit too much excitement can put you on your rear in a second. Have a look at this compiled footage from some of the 6 manned lunar landings and have yourself a little laugh. When man will set foot on the moon again is of course a question that comes up quite often. Whoever goes there next might want to study this footage. Maybe it will help make things a little bit more “steady” once his or her feet are planted on the dusty surface.

Authentic Footage Showing Astronauts Falling


Header Image: [NASA]