Battlefield Heroes – Its Free!

Yes is another free game moment from me.  For a longtime the Battlefield series has been bringing out new ways of killing bad guys in a military theme, Battlefield Heroes is an extension of the brand, but does things a little differently.

While the standard Battlefield Heroes is gritty and aims towards a more realistic experiance, Heroes is cartoon fun.

There is a lot of evidence to the fact that after Team Fortress 2’s success, that maybe they were following on in the same kind of humour, and if I am honest I would say they are to an extent.  I must say though that Team Fortress 2 is 100x better, but its not free (although cheap).

The game is also supposed to be “browser based” suggesting that you play it from your browser… its more like you download it all with a plug-in to through your browser, so they win no points there…

So for some free fun and quick jump-in gaming head over to