XREAL Unveils Fortress Fury And An Opportunity Of A Lifetime

By the end of this decade, there will be significantly more mobile devices than people on this planet. North American mobile content is already a $10 billion dollar industry, and mobile gaming is more than $3 billion dollars. The global demand for mobile content is going to skyrocket over the next couple years, and investors would be wise to learn as much as they can about the burgeoning market.

XREAL is a mobile gaming company helmed by Howard Marks, founder of Activision and Acclaim games, and Jordan Maron, AKA CaptainSparklez, a YouTube sensation with more than 9 million subscribers. Recently, XREAL released its first game, Fortress Fury, to great fanfare and almost two million downloads in the first two months.

Fortress Fury is an action-packed competitive tower building mobile game that pits a player’s skills and strategies against other online fighters. Set in a fantasy land called Forterra, the main idea of the game is to summon soldiers and build fortresses with arcane magic and alchemy to defend your home from attackers. With thousands of combinations of weapons and building materials to choose from, a fun multiplayer component, and all the spirit and fun of CaptainSparklez’s imagination, Fortress Fury has all the right elements for an addictive and competitive easy access, real-time, player-versus-player mobile game.

With the success of the game, the two now have their eyes set on a much sweeter prize: capturing and developing the mobile eSports market before anyone else. To do it, they have launched an equity crowdfunding campaign through StartEngine. Crowdfunding, as you know, trades rewards – often in the form of prototypes or products. Equity crowdfunding allows investors to purchase stock within a company, in exchange for a stake in that company’s future earnings. It’s very similar to an IPO on a smaller scale, and it is an investment opportunity that is available to anyone. For more information, check out their campaign page.

XREAL – Fortress Fury And Beyond

XREAL Fortress Fury Crowdfunding Campaign

XREAL Fortress Fury Crowdfunding Campaign