Review – Problem Gambling Tool Or Scam?

Entertainment, socialization and earning money are some of the perceived perks of gambling. However, there are many people who simply can’t stop thinking about gambling once they start placing bets. We are talking about gambling addiction, also known as problem gambling or compulsive gambling. In most cases, these problematic gamblers are using this activity to forget about their everyday problems.

According to some statistics, there are up to 3% of the population have a gambling problem and that is the reason why there are so many individuals and organizations that are providing help. There are specialized websites that are promising help to problematic gamblers like

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What Is represents an online service provider which allegedly helps people close their online casino accounts fast. The site started offering these services in August 2018. At first glance, people had positive reactions because the platform promises that they will close all your casino accounts in less than two minutes. This is obviously the first step that you should take in case you want to stop gambling due to your gambling addiction or problem. has a simple step-by-step process which allows users to achieve this objective. The process starts when the player shares their personal information with the site including name and surname, phone number, email, and address. Next, you’ll have to provide information about your casino accounts and choose the number of months you want to stop your accounts, but you can also choose to delete them permanently. And that’s it (according to the site). Of course, you will have to pay for their service too. The cost is $25 which sounds more than reasonable.

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So, there’s nothing wrong with this concept at least theoretically. But, after the promotion of this website and service, there were many experts and ordinary users that are part of the casino industry that was expressing their concerns and skepticism. It seems that there is more than one good reason why they are skeptical.

For starters, we should mention the legal aspect of this matter. As we all know, starting from the 25th of May, every website has to take special care of the private data shared with them. This is the first thing that will “greet” you on any website – they will ask whether you agree to accept cookies and in case you want to share personal information with them you will get access to their lengthy privacy policies.

This is not the case when it comes to As we said before, the process of closing accounts promoted there is easy, but when it comes to user’s privacy there is a veil of mystery that you can’t uncover. The only time that privacy is mentioned is at the end of the process where you have to check the square next to sentence which allows Casino Blocker to use all your information to contact and close your game accounts. That’s it.

So, you can’t find any information about their privacy policy. You can’t find out whether your information is stored somewhere and how it’s protected. You also can’t find any limitations regarding the use of your personal information. Don’t forget that we are talking about sensitive data like your home address, your name, phone number and usernames and passwords from your casino accounts. This is not a serious approach especially when we take the history of this site into account. We have already mentioned that the website was launched in August 2018 which means that they were well aware of the GDPR act.

The other thing that is problematic about which makes the site suspicious is the design of their system. While it’s true that they are asking for personal information, it’s also true that many people don’t use the same info on all their accounts. In some cases, they had different phone numbers, in others, they’ve changed their address. You can also use different usernames on different websites. It would be very difficult for most casino operators to find your account and shut it down if your request doesn’t have basic information.

Next, although promises to handle your accounts on almost every gambling site, they say that they have established connections with more than 200 websites of this kind, yet their site has logos of just eight operators. But, according to many sources, there are more than 6000 online casinos and gambling websites out there. So, even if their numbers are correct, you won’t be able to close your accounts on many sites.

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There’s another reason why many people are not sure whether is a scam and that’s the fact that you can’t close a casino account unless you contact the website directly. This is a very sensitive issue that must be addressed personally. Most online casinos are looking for a way to confirm the identity of their users one more time before they definitely close their accounts. For instance, some of them are asking for scanned documents while others are making phone calls. This procedure is legitimate because they want to ensure that the account is not being abused. So, it’s almost impossible for to terminate or close an account unless they have some sort of a special deal with gambling operators which is highly unlikely because they would’ve shared this information on their website.

Should I Use

The answer is NO. Of course, we can leave them some space and see whether they will improve their service, but at this moment it would be unreasonable to pay for this service or share personal information with this website. Keep in mind that there is no Privacy policy in place, no warning for cookies and no sign of any kind of protection on the website. They don’t have official connections to any popular online website or gambling site either. We are not sure whether this website is a scam, but we are convinced that their system is completely ineffective.

What Others Are Saying About CasinoBlocker?

A discussion on shows how players themselves are skeptical of this site and don’t seem to trust it. An initial poll at casinomeister has their members voting their opinion they think casino blocker is scam. took it a step further analyzing the site and service with their article warning, a potential scam. You can see their casinoblocker review at thepogg.

Overall casino blocker is collecting your data and how do you know they are not selling it to casinos that don’t have any ethics and want to target vulnerable players?

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Alternatives to CasinoBlocker?

Possibly the best tool for blocking gambling sites around is which is a free tool and does not collect any user data in any capacity.

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