Online Gambling Is Booming As Per Casino Statistics – Are You In?

Gambling has been a form of recreation as well as a passionate hobby for many since the ancient times. As technology has progressed, the gambling industry has also evolved and a large number of online gambling websites and apps have taken the market by storm in the recent years. According to Gambling Sites, in 2016, online gambling around the globe proved to be a $45 billion industry.

Additionally, as per Online Casino Reports, the leading online casino sites receive 1000-2000 visitors per day and these players complete 10-15 million rounds. If these casino statistics are anything to go by, the online gambling industry is definitely booming and is attracting a lot of global attention.

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[pullquote]Ever since the first online casino (InterCasino) was launched in 1996, the number of online casino sites has only increased and the current estimate of functional online gambling websites stands at more than 2000.[/pullquote] Also, as per a recent study conducted by Online Casino Reports, 97% of the funds invested by the players are returned to them. The laws pertaining to gambling have become more relaxed in various countries in the recent past, and as of now, Australia tops the list of nations that are into gambling, with an average Australian adult spending more than $1200 on gambling each year.

As per casino statistics, countries such as Ireland, Canada, Italy, and the UK follow Australia closely on this list. These casino statistics suggest that online gambling holds the potential of becoming a viable source of income that enables the players to earn money from the comfort of their homes. This is where websites such as MatchedBets come into the picture that guides online gamblers to generate maximum revenue from online casinos with the help of the strategies of matched betting.

As described in an article by BitRebels that compares online casinos to land casinos, online casinos provide a level of comfort and flexibility that the traditional casinos fail to match up to. Furthermore, with the help of reviews and ratings available online, one can easily identify the top casino sites that are legitimate and secure. Online gambling is therefore rapidly transforming from a way of killing time and trying one’s luck into a steady source of income, thanks to the ease of use that the casino sites and apps provide.

The latest casino statistics prove that online gambling is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to generate revenue in a short span of time. When backed by the support of the experts at MatchedBets, the income generated by online gamblers can reach new heights. Online casinos can be accessed at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world, and with the right knowledge up your sleeve, can help you earn substantial sums of money in a matter of minutes. Therefore, take a cue from the latest casino statistics and try your hands at online gambling today!

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Online Gambling Is Booming As Per Casino Statistics – Are You In?

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