Cello Wars: A Star Wars Musical Saga Told With Cellos

Music is probably the most common language everyone on earth understands. It’s somewhat in our blood, and we feel a plethora of emotions when we hear music depending on what the song expresses. Lyrics are of course not necessary to feel music, and that is why music is such a universal language. We have seen a massive increase in modern music such as hybrids and remixes between drum&bass, dance and others. Sometimes the remixes can even become more successful online than the original song, so it’s no wonder some people are continuously digging into the mashup bag to come up with new stuff.

It seems the The Piano Guys have done the same, and they have put their own personal touch on the Star Wars soundtrack. In this really hilarious yet impressive video, you will be introduced to the Star Wars theme song through the awesome take by cellos. There is of course a little twist to the whole thing, but I won’t reveal what that is. I can say this much… Keep an eye on the video at around 2:00, and you will know what I am talking about.

This is yet another one of those videos that I am sure will go viral (if it hasn’t already) in an instant. As always, we want to share these geeky things with you. You really need to check this one out if you are a huge Star Wars fan. It’s called Cello Wars, and it has some rather impressive special effects in it as well. I find it hard to dig up something that will challenge this video in terms of creativity, but as we all know, there is always someone out there who will take things just a little bit farther.

Cello Wars Star Wars Parody

Via: [UFunk French]