Common Blackjack Myths Debunked

Blackjack might be one of the most popular casino games around, but that does not mean it has not been able to escape the trap whereby many have created some false misconceptions about the game that far too many players continue to believe.

Indeed, there are many myths about blackjack that people believe. Some people think that counting cards is the only way to win, while others think that splitting 10s is always the right move. But are any of these beliefs actually true?

In this article, we will debunk some of the most common blackjack myths and show you how to play the game correctly, whether this is at a traditional brick-and-mortar establishment or when playing online blackjack in PA on the available online platforms that can be used.

So read on to learn everything you need to know about blackjack and the most common misconceptions that are associated with the game.

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Myth – Counting Cards Is The Only Way To Win

This is one of the most common blackjack myths out there, but it is not actually true! While counting cards can give you an advantage over the house, it is not the only way to win at blackjack. There are plenty of other strategies that you can use to beat the dealer, such as basic strategy or card counting.

Myth – Splitting 10s Is Always The Right Move

Another common myth is that splitting 10s is always the right move. While this may be true in some situations, it is not always the best play. In fact, there are times when it is actually better to keep your 10s together and hit.

Myth – You Should Always Hit On 16

One of the most common blackjack myths is that you should always hit on 16. However, this is not always the case! In fact, there are situations where it is actually better to stand on 16. So next time you are dealt a 16, be sure to take into account all of the factors involved before making your decision.

Myth – The Dealer Always Has An Advantage

Many people believe that the dealer always has an advantage in blackjack. However, this is not actually true! In fact, the player has a slight edge over the dealer when playing blackjack. So next time you are playing blackjack, do not be afraid to take on the dealer and try to beat him at his own game!

Myth – Blackjack Is A Game Of Luck

This is one of the biggest blackjack myths out there! While luck does play a role in blackjack, it is not the only factor that determines who wins and loses. In fact, skill and strategy are just as important as luck when it comes to blackjack. Therefore, if you want to win at blackjack, be sure to brush up on your skills and strategies!

Why not take a resource card that provides you with all of the information regarding strategy and what to do when you achieve a certain hand? These are not illegal to use when playing in a casino or online, so why not use them to your advantage?

Myth – You Can’t Win At Blackjack

This is another common blackjack myth that just is not true! In fact, you can win at blackjack by using the right strategies, as we mentioned above. By utilizing the certain strategies that are available and knowing what to do when a certain hand has been dealt, you will be in a better position to potentially win and defeat the dealer.

Myth – Blackjack Is A Difficult Game To Play

Many people believe that blackjack is a difficult game to play. However, this is just another common misconception that many have regarding the classic casino game! Blackjack is actually a pretty easy game to learn and play and one that does not take a long time to master.


As you can see, there are many myths about blackjack that just cannot be considered true and have been debunked and proven. So next time you are playing blackjack, be sure to keep these myths in mind and play the game correctly, as this will ensure that you have the best opportunity of having a positive experience.

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