Consumer Convenience – A Gaming Priority

Companies, like Sony or Activision, may benefit financially from the gaming industry, but who is this market actually for? Consumers, people who want to be entertained in the most convenient way possible.

Awkwardness is a gadget’s or title’s enemy, especially in terms of revenue, so developers aim for technological efficiency and support to please customers. Online gaming, in particular, is focused on providing users with a sense of care, as well as enjoyment. From websites to digital platforms, gamers’ ease is clearly becoming more of a priority for video game producers.

To begin with, there is nothing more satisfying than finding with a single click a precise set of instructions when you need it, whether for troubleshooting or simply learning how to play a new game. If you have never heard of Baccarat, for example, you can find free guides and information here about the rules and best strategies, not to mention what to avoid as a new player.

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Online casinos offering free advice on how to beat them, on top of the array of bonuses at your disposal, does say a lot about their customer-centric values. YouTube tutorials are another technological phenomenon continuing to soar in 2019 and proving that well-informed gamers are more generous consumers, at least towards titles that have earned their trust.

In terms of the most convenient device, smartphones have remained high in the public’s favor. 2017 saw the market value of mobile contents reach $59.8 billion, which has steadily increased. Among the many interesting statistics supplied by WePC, it is the fact that 54% of global mobile gamers were reported to prefer watching video ads in exchange for in-game rewards that is the most relevant, since it shows consumers’ impatience for distractions while gaming, but also their willingness to co-operate within a mutually beneficial system.

People are largely aware of how important they are to the entertainment industry. It is not surprising that they are just as wary of their time and loyalty being exploited without compensation of some kind. This is why developers are constantly improving on the user-friendly aspects of their products, a prime example being Steam.

The 67 million worldwide users counted per month in 2017, according to WePC, depend on this platform for a number of good reasons. Colorado Plays obligingly lists key advantages to using Steam, including access to millions of titles on an account-based system that allows their transfer from one gaming device to another and the sales frequently available, ranging from little 10% discounts to whopping 75% off whole bundles on major holidays. Once again, convenience proves to be the foundation of gaming providers’ success.

The bigger picture of the video game industry is certainly more complicated than this, but the consumer patterns above undoubtedly demonstrate the dominant role the public plays in maintaining the steadfast upward trajectory of its market. It is a positive representation of what communication between the industry and its target audience can achieve, honest profit for the creators of all these technological wonders through gamers’ sheer appreciation for well-made products and accommodating customer service.

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