The Craziest Things Ever Done In Grand Theft Auto V

When growing up, I was a huge video game fanatic who spent countless hours on my classic Nintendo NES. Since then my love for video games has grown and I have finished more titles than I could ever count. Some of them include Battletoads, Super Mario Bros, Sonic, Mega Man, first-person shooter games, RPG games, online games (such as Adventure Quest) and many more popular games. Of course, I have also enjoyed the experience of online gambling through services like the #1 online casino guide. At the very top of my growing list of played video games is Grand Theft Auto V, by now a real classic that any game fanatic should at least have played a few hours of.

The reason Grand Theft Auto V is so popular is arguably the open world mechanics and the countless crazy things you can do in the game. To give you a few examples we are going to take a look at a few of them in this article. Never before has a game offered such a variety of gameplay and opportunities and that is no doubt a testament to the amazing game design that Rockstar Games continuously keep blessing us with.

Sure, Grand Theft Auto V does not offer you the opportunity to make real cash like you can playing Grizzly’s slots, however, the crazy game mechanics will themselves keep you busy for more time than you probably want to spend playing video games.

This October (October 1st, 2016), a new standalone multiplayer version of Grand Theft Auto V is to be released and, once again, players around the world will come together to have a crack at the madness that has now become a global phenomenon.

If you are not familiar with Grand Theft Auto (however that happened), it’s a popular role-playing video game usually set in New York City (also known by players as Liberty City). However, a few games in the series take place in Vice city (Miami) and San Andres (Los Angeles). GTA Online stats reveal that over 33 million players in 224 countries are playing the popular game.

The game is an open world game which means the player can travel to any destination visible on the screen without constraints. The player is also free to do pretty much whatever he or she wants to within the world but opportunities like missions and tasks (such as take part in heists, mob activities, rival gang wars etc.) are also a huge part of the game. Should you want to, you can follow the game storyline to “finish” the game, however, you can do so at your very own pace.

The open world perspective allows for a fun gaming experience where your “crazy” imagination is the limit of what you can do. Want to drive a car off a building, jump from a helicopter, engage in a love life worthy a pimp or perhaps release your dammed up anger onto the unsuspecting victims of the city? You can do it all and more! Whatever you can think of you could probably do it in the open world of Grand Theft Auto V.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the crazy things you can do in the sprawling universe of Grand Theft Auto V that you could never do in real life.

  • To get around the world of Grand Theft Auto V, your primary means of transportation is by hijacking a car. You usually get away with it if the police fail to spot you committing the crime. Whatever you do, don’t ever attempt this in real life.
  • Crimes in the GTA V world is punished by either a visit to jail or you will simply get shot. When thrown in jail you always get a second chance as you will spawn right outside of jail and you will be free to get on with your shenanigans once again. Oh, the life of a computer game character…
  • Should you be killed, you are always just a spawn from getting on with your life. The thing is, Grand Theft Auto V will probably not infuse a solid real world image, but perhaps that is why it has become such a huge phenomenon. Just have a look at Doom, the game that started it all. It’s a game that was banned in some countries for being too violent, yet it became one of the world’s most popular games. Grand Theft Auto builds on the same ideology.
  • Hooking up with girls is a free-for-all buffé in the game and unlike the real world, you can have up to 6 girlfriends at the same time without having to worry about jealousy and drama. Not a particularly brilliant idea in real life.

There are of course a lot more things you can do in Grand Theft Auto V and it will most likely take you half a lifetime to go through them all.

Through my video game career, I have seen a lot of crazy games hit it big and Grand Theft Auto V is just one of them. Of course, there are way more game titles that have crossed my way (such as Overlord, Tyrant etc.), but feel free to add to this list by commenting in the comment section below. I am always looking for great new things to do in GTA V. Or, if you have any game suggestions, please use the comment section below to tell me about it and I will have a look at them. That should be it for now! Enjoy and play safe!

The Craziest Moments In Grand Theft Auto V History

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