The Modern Gory Super Mario Console Game Version

Is there ever going to be a new breed of Super Mario games announced from Nintendo? The chances of that happening are quite slim. There are of course different kinds of spinoffs like Mario Kart and whatnot, but is there ever going to be a complete revamping of the Super Mario games that we are so fanatic about and love? The 2D platform game has become a 3D, sure… but what’s next? When will Super Mario evolve with the rest of the world? Will he ever update his arsenal of weapons and gadgets to fit the times of today? These are questions that the hardcore fans could occupy themselves thinking about. Nobody really knows whether or not it will actually happen, but then again, why mess with a franchise that is obviously working, right?

There have been a few videos released of some rather clever homebrew Super Mario games that take us into a whole new perspective. Some with more raging results than others. Recently a new kind of “update” of the game was uploaded to YouTube, and it started yet another raging discussion about the series. By incorporating a whole new sound scope, new visual effects, and a seemingly endless amount of gore, this clip has become a fresh look at what people seem to want. Yeah, I know… it’s weird to say the least.

Gone are the cute bumpings of turtles and flaming balls that topple enemies over and also the satisfaction of reaching the score flag at the end of the level. It has all been switched out for something that is way more… should we say, extreme. This 3D animation called Super Modern Mario Bros. was uploaded by Deloix and is sure to keep you glued to the screen. Super Mario and gore? I don’t know… I can’t say that it appeals to my gamer senses really, but maybe it does for you. Would you play this game over the original Super Mario Bros.?


Via: [Geekologie]