Create Your Own Sounds Online

Technology has given us the freedom to create. It is very different now than it was even just five years ago when we had limited resources online. Now you can find videos, blog sites and even tutorials online. If you are a music lover, a professional musician or a producer, you may want to check out this tool that I have found on the interweb.

If sound editing, creating powerful sounds or creating your own brand of music is your cup of tea, then this online tool can help you. This tool has a powerful online sequencer with 11 real time effects, 3 synthesizers, a drum machine and a fully integrated sound shop. It is called Soundation. It was created by PowerFx. They have more than 10 years of experience in sound production, editing, sound manipulation and digital distribution of sound loops.

They offer you an introductory library of over 400 loops, the possibility to buy more sounds and in short, a place where you can store all your sounds as well as your own productions. The video below is a brief tutorial on how to use the Soundation Studio, this web based music production application. Please visit for more information.

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A quick look on how to load and use the virtual instruments in Soundation Studio.