5 Incredibly Creative Projects For The 2014 World Cup

With each successive World Cup the hype and excitement increases, and the potential provided by the Internet for artistic projects visualising the tournament in creative ways, plays a big role in this. It may have been a disappointing tournament for England (again), but there is still a lot for football fans to engage with, and if you doubt that, check out these stunning digital visualisations of Brazil 2014.

The creativity among the Internet community is always heightened when a big world event like the 2014 World Cup is playing out. We have seen it many times, and perhaps this year has spawned more interesting projects than ever before. We here at Bit Rebels, of course, tapped into the faucet that provides the Internet with so much awesomeness and we have put together a list of 5 incredibly creative projects that would be a sin not to check out.

News outlets and blogs all around the world are broadcasting heaps and tons of interesting content about the 2014 World Cup so we thought that it would be nice to show a different angle to the whole event. Brace yourself and behold the creativity that fuels the minds of football fans to the very essence of their fandom.

The Last Game (Website)

Nike has something that many football promos tend to forget – entertainment value. While many of them focus slightly pompously on athletic prowess and the glory of personal and team achievement, The Last Game playfully deflates all of that by sending up stars like Ronaldo and Rooney. Featuring a plot with an evil genius substituting clones for these players, whom the finest human ones have to defeat in the last game of the title, it combines funny animations with a genuinely engaging storyline.

South China Morning Post Goals And Results Infographic (Website)

If your country is still in contention, or you just love World Cup stats, the infographic from SCMP, that details all results and goals scored thus far in a conveniently condensed fashion is ideal. Using grey dots (which turn to either green or red for goals scored or conceded, when you put your cursor on them) and coloured bars for wins and draws, it is easy to follow and keep regularly updated.

2014 World Cup Creativity

Soccer Knights (Website)

Manga is perennially popular amongst animation fans, so a football animation which combines it with the beautiful game seems a no-brainer. The short film Soccer Knights, which is the work of Man-Tsun, features three of the players he holds in high esteem – Zidane, Ronaldinho and Messi – alongside Manga Knights serving as their totems.

2014 World Cup Creativity

The 12th Man (Website)

This is the creation of sport betting site Bookmakers, and features graphics of a virtual World Cup stadium, filled with stats about the teams. The big difference with The 12th Man, which is subtitled ‘The Sound of the World Cup’ is that the information is all drawn from the latest Twitter discussion – including the most popular players, tweets and pictures for each of the nations. If you want to know what and who are creating a buzz on Twitter, this is the place to find out.

2014 World Cup Creativity

Absolut Rio

Given that even Britain has been enjoying Brazilian temperatures during the World Cup, many people will see a cold drink as the perfect accompaniment to the action. With that in mind, the fashion designer from Brazil, Oskar Metsavaht, was hired by Absolut to create a World Cup bottle design for them. The result is a beautiful Ipanema beach, backgrounded by mountains, which is perfect for the current heatwave.

2014 World Cup Creativity

2014 World Cup Creativity Image