Divine Orbs: Path Of Exile’s Main Currency

In the world of Path of Exile (PoE), Divine Orbs are one of the most valuable resources used by players to upgrade and modify items. Divine Orbs are a key element of the game’s economy and play an important role in increasing the character’s power.

These orbs can be obtained in various ways in the game, spending a lot of time and effort. Some players buy divine orbs poe on special marketplaces for real money to make the game easier, that helps enjoy of the game process

Divine Orbs Path Exiles main сurrency


Why Are Divine Orbs Very Important?

Perhaps you know that PoE, unlike other games in this genre, does not have such currencies as gold, silver, and the like, but everything is built on the exchange of resource-currencies between players.

This system is very complex and difficult to trade, so players decided to take some materials and consider them as the standard game currency. Divine orbs belong to such currencies.

General Information About The Orb

Divine orbs are very useful currency that can be used in crafting and making builds. You can have a good weapon, but its modifiers are not suitable for you, or the equipment has one modifier. Divines can help in such situations. These orbs allow you to increase or decrease the number of explicit modifiers on an item randomly and change them. Items have no restrictions on the using of orbs, but sometimes this is not rational. There are also other features in the mechanics of orbs:

  • Exalted Orbs were replaced with Divine Orbs in trade, because devines have become rarer than exalts .
  • Devines cannot change prefixes and suffixes.
  • Devines cannot change attack modifiers and caster modifiers.
  • Using an orb does not change the quality and connections of the item.
  • It cannot be used on corrupted or cloned (mirrored) items.

Divines And Trading

With their help, you can buy good weapons and pieces of equipment for your character of different rarities and with different numbers of connections, or you can exchange them for chaos orbs and buy other types of currencies.

Poe divine orb price on the market has a dynamic nature, so it is important to monitor the latest changes through special websites.

How To Get Currency Playing Poe

Although the chance of dropping divine orbs is small, there are many ways to get them. You can get them for any action in the game, you just need to be patient.

Killing monsters, opening chests and strongboxes will give you the desired currency sooner or later, it all depends on your luck and spending time.

Startgame Activities

Story Walkthrough

In Path of Exile, Acts are parts of the game world, that consist of a collection of locations, quests, and bosses. There are a total of 12 acts in the game, and each of them has its unique theme and storyline.

The player goes to various areas where he has to explore the world, fight monsters, collect loot and complete quests. As you progress, you will receive various currencies, it also may be divine orbs, if you are lucky.

The Lord’s Labyrinth

Labyrinths are randomly generated dungeons with traps, puzzles and mobs. At the end of each maze, you will have a boss fight. After defeating the bosses, players can find Izaro’s Treasure, which you can open using a special key- Treasure Key, founding in the labyrinth. There are 4 types of mazes:

  • Normal Labyrinth
  • Cruel Labyrinth
  • Merc Labyrinth
  • Eternal Labyrinth

If you try them and enjoy, playing in this type of activity, you can consider the labyrinths as a source of farming currency and unique items to sell. For a comfortable and profitable passage, you must find special builds and go through type 4 labyrinths, because this is the place with the highest chance of dropping high-quality loot.

Endgame Activities

After completing the story acts, a large amount of end-game content opens up for all players. Each of them has its interesting mechanics and rewards. Below we will list the most interesting endgame content based on our opinion.


Maps are one of the first mechanic in the game Path of Exile that is revealed to players after completing acts. These are unique environments that players explore, fighting with large number of enemies and bosses.

They have different difficulties depending on the tear and level of the map. With the help of maps and good build, you can get a large number of divines quite quickly, earning divination cards.

Divination Cards

Divination cards are a unique type of item in the game that drop from bosses, mobs and chests in certain areas. Some divination cards can be exchanged for a special currency, that is associated with card. You can exchange them in Tasuni and Lilly Roth. Many cards can give the player devines and they are all farmed on certain maps:

  • The Sephirot(10x Divine Orb)
  • Emperor’s Luck( 5 different currency)
  • Divine Beauty(7 orbs)
  • The Brother Gift(5 orbs)
  • Fortunate Card(2 divines).

Most often you will gain the Fortunate card, because its drop rate is quite high among the others and has a large number of drop locations.


Blight s are tower defense style events that can spawn from Fungal Growths in any area of the map and are always accompanied by Sister Cassia. This content is considered additional and has a greater than 8% chance of appearing in any non-unique area of the map.

After players interacting with the Fungal Growth, Cassia will install a purification pump on it, causing the appearing Fungals roots in random directions At the edges of the roots, portals will been summoned and enemy mobs will emerge.

Your task in this mode is to protect the pump from destruction and build towers for protection. Enemies may be invulnerable to some types of towers, so you need to take this fact, when thinking about game strategy.

If you kill all the enemies from the portal, it will close and a chest will appear in its place, which you can pick up anyway. This mode will allow you to take a break from the main mechanics of the game and farm fortune cards and other currency.


This is another one of the unique game content that opens up for players in the later stages. Your task will be to go down into the Azurite Mine to explore the caves. You can go in vertical and horizontal directions.

The value of the rewards depends on the depth of the mine. On the map, you select the node, which you want to teleport, and appear in this location. Next you must follow the crawler (he lights your way) and kill all enemies.

At a certain place, the crawler stops and drops all received resources. The main resources here will be currency and Fossils. To diving you will spend special fuel(Sulfite), which you can get from master Niko, completing his atlas quests.

Important Note

This is only a small part of all the activities that are in the game and allow you to farm currencies, but some of them are tied with getting quality and rare items and selling them to other players, converting into devines, or chaos.


Divine spheres are a very useful and important resource that all players need and there is never enough of it, but you should not focus only on their extraction, otherwise you will get tired and lose interest in the game.

If you don’t want to turn the game into a daily routine, think about buying game currency. It allows open up opportunities in the game and calmly explores the game world for your pleasure.

Disclaimer: The above references an opinion of the author and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice. Invest responsibly and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Divine Orbs Path Exiles main сurrency


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