Dyson to take over Asteroids!

Well maybe not the vacuum hoovers we might be thinking of, but a game!  Dyson is an indie game with a difference.   Its set with a strategic style of play where you control seedlings which you direct around asteroids, and plant into different kinds of trees. They then grow and either give off more seedlings or defensive flowery type trees. If you think of the seedlings like fighter jets and the defencive flowery trees like ground to air missiles, you wouldn’t be far off.   Yes yes its all a little crazy, but lots of fun!

Your mission is to conquer the asteroid belt! Spreading live to each one in turn, and beating back the enemy…

The trees all grow randomly and the attributes rely on the asteroids details, speed energy and strength.   Not only is it a strange little game, but it is beautiful.  The design is wonderful and simple, incredibly simple.  The Trees spread out and make an awesomely organic feel.

If you want to have a play, there is a free version available from here.