Epson & PS3 Introduce Extreme Gaming

If you are a gamer like me, you are going to love this, it’s wicked cool. Now you can strap a PS3 to your back, a projector to your front, and you can experience gaming on a whole new level. Instead of just playing the game, you become part of it, literally.

Popular Science magazine says, “The rig has its own power supply, a thin PS3, and an Epson (duh) projector that transforms any wall into a gaming platform.” According to, this Epson projector displays images that are 6 times larger than a 52 inch flat screen television. Sweeet!

Personally, I think the knee pads, helmet and dorky goggles are a bit much, but it is still gaming creativity at its finest. On second thought, if you are planning to play these games while repelling down the side of a building, perhaps you will need this suit after all.

Check out this crazy video. Santa, are you reading this? Can you bring me one of these for Christmas? Oh, and can you make it compatible with my Wii? Thank you!