Monopoly Gamer – Monopoly Like You’ve Never Played It Before

Monopoly is a rite of passage. From playing it with the family on rainy days that always ended with someone flipping the board, to playing with friends on long weekends away – Monopoly is the gift that keeps on giving. Especially when you consider that this new iteration, Monopoly Gamer, is about to change the game forever.

Monopoly originally began as a way in which to outline how bad monopolization can be, as exhibited by just one person owning almost everything on the board through early investments and well-timed property purchases. People realized how fun it could be for a game – and how well it can lend itself to different locations and themes – and it lost its initial message and became a fun game for the whole family. Since its 1903 inception and the Parker Brothers publication of the game as a consumer product in the 1930s, Monopoly has evolved.

There have been dozens of variations on the game, with specific countries, cities, and states receiving the Monopoly treatment. The products can be argued to work in a meta way the game almost has a monopoly on the board game industry, being the universal favorite (with Scrabble sliding into second place).

[pullquote]2017 brings us a Monopoly game changer though with the release of Super Mario Monopoly Gamer.[/pullquote] The property trading element of the game remains intact – with players buying Bowser’s Castle or Peach’s Castle. But Nintendo has added in power-ups and boss battles to really give the game the Super Mario treatment. And, unlike the neverending real Monopoly, there is actually a winner of Monopoly Gamer – whoever has the most amount of money when the final boss is defeated.

Although Monopoly has always been open to adapting to new playing styles and gameplay additions, the versatility of Monopoly truly opens it up to the 21st century nearly 100 years after it was first released for consumers. Digital versions of Monopoly are available – with a Monopoly app and a Monopoly video game available for fans to interact with the franchise in a more modern approach. You can even play Monopoly Bingo, which allows players to try to turn fake Monopoly money into real money. The game branches out its appeal to older players who may have moved on from Monopoly into adulthood, but who still enjoy the nostalgia associated.

The ability to win big with Monopoly has always been one of its appeals – even though the paper money is worthless at the real world banks. But, this appeal has been pounced on in order to connect to what fans really want – the ability to win something. Enter McDonald’s Monopoly, a promotion that allows players to peel Monopoly tokens from their McDonald’s meals in order to win anything from a holiday to a car to a free portion of fries. The campaign taps into the very core of Monopoly – rolling the dice and hoping you win.

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Monopoly Gamer – Monopoly Like You’ve Never Played It Before

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