Is The eSports Industry Taking Over The World?

The gaming entertainment industry is the most lucrative industry in the world, worth several hundred billion dollars. The perception of video games has changed with time, as this popular hobby has even surpassed television as the favorite pass time activity. The best example of this is the emergence of professional eSports over the last few years.

Though eSports may be a video game based sport, there is much more than just the game that makes it unique and appealing. It allows viewers and players to experience and interactively participate in activities unavailable through other mediums. Best of all, it is an inclusive sport that allows anyone to participate in.

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eSports – Appealing Games

With large prizes that are only getting bigger with each passing tournament, eSports continues to rake in huge viewer counts. The most popular game genres headlining the industry are strategy, sports, and shooter games. League of Legends is by far the most popular eSports game currently out, with prize pools that go up in the millions. Following LoL as the industry’s most popular game in 2017 and early 2018 are installments such as the always around Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Counter-Strike. Though 2018 is still young, and there might be new and under the radar games waiting around the corner, with a lineup such as this, the industry is set for a long time to come.

Relatable Participants

Not only do viewers and fans enjoy a more interactive experience, they often get the chance to speak to pro players and eSports entertainers directly at venues and events. The up close and personal type of business makes the eSports industry attractive and relatable, unlike television and sports industry, where fans don’t have almost any touch with the professionals in the business.

This definitely is not your parent’s idea of gaming and has reached a completely new level entertainment-wise. eSports conventions and meetups bring the online world to life and build up the connection between fans and professionals.

Accessibility And Convenience

Being a completely digital sport, neither the participants nor the fans are restricted to stadiums, as they can easily access eSports matches from any device of their choice. With no obvious restrictions, consistent and constant engagement in the industry has allowed eSports to avoid limitations other sports face when it comes to this. You can spend as much time as you want to play and stream content, from anywhere you want.

Leading the Way in Inventions

As the sport continues to rise, more and more businesses and developers and starting to focus their efforts on it. Professional eSports is responsible for the rapid growth of quality streaming platforms and networks, with big names such as Disney and Amazon getting into the mix, the latter one buying the popular streaming platform Twitch.

Major investments are pouring in from all sides to support this evolving branch. With so much money involved in eSports, its no wonder that the industry is responsible for big tech advances in the gaming world. Technology like VR is just another aspect that will drive eSports in the near future.

Wide Reach

eSports going mainstream created more opportunities for better sponsorships and in-depth coverage.  All of this has even led to professional eSports betting leagues and tournaments, making this sport even more popular to a wider range of the audience. The lucrative gambling aspect of the industry will provide an additional boom to the already popular and prominent sport. This means that the gaming world is not only here to stay, but is quickly taking over the entire entertainment world.

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