Every Single Bart Simpson Blackboard Quote In One Image

One of the most popular TV shows on the telly is undoubtedly The Simpsons. It has been running for God knows how long, and it seems to become more popular for each episode. The themes are always changing, and the jokes are many times below the belt, which of course makes the whole concept in a league of its own. Well, almost anyway. I think South Park is in the same category of humor, and that show has become a huge success as well. There is one thing in particular that The Simpsons has become synonymous with, and that is that in each episode (or maybe in every second episode or so), they change the intro for the show just a little bit.

One thing in particular is of course the text that Bart Simpson writes on the blackboard at school. I don’t know if that was the start of the entire thing about changing small stuff in the intro every now and then, or if they have changed it all since the beginning. Some really dedicated people over at CableTV.com have actually gone and looked at all 500 episodes and derived every single quote that Bart Simpson ever put on that blackboard.

They took all those quotes and put them all into one image, and it is nothing less than epic. It’s one of those images that you just don’t want to spend time on, but you can’t stop reading what’s written on it. I keep reading it just because someone took the time to extract each quote, and that is impressive enough to me to at least skim through it, don’t you think? Maybe these quotes can teach us something in life, or at least entertain us for a day or two. Now the question is… what quote is your favorite out of the 288 quotes that are listed?


Via: [UFunk – French]