Evolution Of Gaming And Utility On Smartphones And Tablets

Ok, let’s be honest. How many of us only use our device be it our laptop, tablet or smartphone only for making a presentation, taking a call or just sending out emails? Don’t we sneak into that favorite online game of cards especially the Rummy game occasionally? Games help us keep our sanity intact especially in a busy monotonous world where we even forget the last time we smiled.

Games like Indian rummy or Poker can be your perfect opportunity to break the ice and spend time playing this interesting game. Moreover, the game also offers you a chance to win some money as you play. Moreover, you no longer need to play this only over your computer, you can also download the game via the website for your android smartphone or a tablet.

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Speaking of convenience offered by smartphones and tabs over the regular computer, they let you play any time any day! Whether you are out for that coffee break at work or relaxing on a garden bench on a weekend, you can always put out that tab or a smartphone and start playing right away without worrying about attracting those unwanted stares from colleagues or friends. Moreover, most of us will agree that playing on smartphone or tablets is indeed convenient for your everyday travel.

Another reason as to why we would personally pick a smartphone over anything else is because, it helps us read and revert to our emails on the go, take notes and set reminders like our personal assistant, and remind and pay our bills without us having to physically visit a bank to drop a cheque.

Well, things are not just limited to these, a good smartphone will also help you record or capture that special moment on the go. Camera function which was once considered to be a luxury is now offered at an affordable price and a decent camera quality. To a large extent, this also sorts out the hassle of buying a separate digital camera, unless you are really into that full-time photography where a professional camera set would be necessary.

In the last five years, we have witnessed a momentous change in the mobile technology. Irrespective of old-school beliefs with a strong faith in desktops, today’s youth will list down multiple benefits of owning a tablet or a smartphone within a blink of an eye!

Well, personally we will rest our case with the youth as it is indeed impressive to see the kind of potential that such compact devices (tablets/smartphones) hold. Shocking facts have revealed that modern day smartphones indeed have more computing power than NASA when it first started sending astronauts to the moon!

Modern-day phones and tablets are equipped with better processing speeds, offer multitasking and handle most of the tedious chores with ease.

Remember ENIAC? The abbreviation for ‘Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer’. Developed and operational in 1945, it could manage a large class of numerical problems. Putting things into perspective, it could calculate a trajectory which took humans 20 hours in about 30 seconds. What seems to be too slow as per modern standards was nothing but the best of its time.

As expected, computer games were an unknown term back then and honestly speaking, it would have been too much to ask for the technology back then.

Speaking of technological advancement in the modern day, the tablets and smartphones offer gaming experience like never. Affordable and ample internet packs on offer have further promoted online gaming on the digital devices. Moreover, you also get a chance to win as you play. Yes, we mean real money! Online games like Indian rummy or Poker opens the opportunity for additional income as you play. Well, honestly speaking this is not the kind of opportunity that one would really let it pass by. Play with friends or challenge folks online, there are over 70 lakh players waiting to find tough competitors like you.

With that said, we would not want to sideline laptops or desktops completely. When it comes to work, it is indeed helpful as it offers that physical benefit of typing on a keyboard or using a scroller for complex tasks. Moreover, a larger display helps you sail past your regular chores effortlessly. However, over the course of time, we expect tabs and smartphones to further evolve and be more accessible to the masses, in terms of pricing and user-friendly interface.

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