Evolution Of Mobile Games – Looking Back – Going Forward

The evolution of mobile games has come a long way since 1994 when Tetris first appeared. Loaded into the Hagenuk MT-2000 which was designed and produced in Denmark, the block staking game was highly addictive.

Tetris was the game that started it all and it was a clever idea combining fun with mental stimulation soon becoming one of the most recognizable video game brands in the world. For over thiery five years Tetris products have been played, worn and loved by its fans in their millions.

It was three years later that Nokia released SNAKE which was to be another of the all-time greats. The main objective of the game was to feed the increasing length of the snake with food particle, picking up the odd random mongoose. Simple to play and highly addictive SNAKE was destined to be loved by players from all about the globe, and rightly so.

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Originally an arcade game SPACE INVADERS became available on the mobile and was another of the forerunners of modern video gaming proving to be incredibly popular. In fact, when the game was originally released in Japan it proved to be so popular that a coin shortage was created until the country’s Yen supply was quadrupled.

Above are just three of the most iconic games that if you were not about the first time around the chances are that you have tried sequels at one time or another.

As technology advanced so did the quality of the games and we were treated to games that had quality graphics and audio clips which enhanced our gameplay.

Today, we expect only the very best and as the smartphone designs advanced so has the software until we are at a stage that gaming on our phones is preferable to many people rather than waiting to go home to play on the computer or laptop.

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