The Exciting Rise Of Social Gaming

One of the greatest things that the Internet has given us is communication. It makes us more social and allows us to do many activities with friends, no matter where they are around the world. If there is one form of entertainment that has made the most of this ability, it has to be social gaming.

Social gaming may be one of those marketing “buzzwords” we tend to hear a lot now, but it also reveals one of the strongest growing sides of the gaming industry. No longer is multiplayer restricted to the number of people in a room, it is now potentially open to as many people as possible. You just have to look at popular casino in the UK to see that.

[pullquote]Looking at the bigger picture, though, the big money world of console gaming (and of course the PC), there is a big focus on playing with others.[/pullquote] The rise of E-Sports have shown just how social, and potentially profitable the online gaming world is, and this brings in big gaming companies who want to make money from it.

Whether it is a first-person shooter or the latest MOBA, gaming has been given communication abilities and inclusion. You now play in groups and have to communicate to be a success. Just look at games like Overwatch to see how working as a group is important. Moving into 2017, the strength of these games also shows that social gaming isn’t going anywhere, in fact, it is gaming strength with more and more guides and tips for playing Overwatch widely available online.

On a smaller scale in complexity, we also have mobile gaming. Even if it seems small in gaming scale, though, this is where most of the money is being made. With billions being paid in microtransactions, gamers can download free-to-play games, which allow them to communicate with people from all over the world. We have fun, and the big gaming companies make their money off entertaining us.

Just looking the rise of social gaming, we can see just how far entertainment has come. There are so many forms of gaming to be enjoyed at the moment, and the choices we have are astounding. Whether it is playing games on your cell phone, doing battle in the latest first-person shooter, or simply playing a puzzle game to pass the time, gaming has never been so strong. Now with the rise of Virtual Reality too, it looks like social gaming may be heading to the next level of its evolution.

The Rise Of Social Gaming – The Future

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