Get Ready to Rock! Guitar Hero 5 is Released.

A few days ago, on September 1st, the much anticipated Guitar Hero 5 was released. I’m so excited about this; after all, what could be better than linking your avatar to see yourself on stage jamming out to rock music? It sounds like the perfect Saturday afternoon entertainment to me.

Guitar Hero 5, also known as GH 5, is full of new features, challenges, upgrades, songs and rock-n-roll superstars.

Enjoy a completely new guitar experience with Kurt Cobain, Johnny Cash, Carlos Santana, Matt Bellamy and Shirley Manson.

The new Party Play feature allows the player to jump around between instruments and games at any time. This will satisfy the instant-gratification in us all since we won’t have to wait for the track to finish.

The Music Studio has also been given quite an upgrade. New users can now upload their own tracks easily. In the past, this feature had a reputation for being non-user friendly and complicated, but not anymore!

Also, with the new momentum feature, players with different skill levels will be able to compete on a more equal playing field. The game will actually speed up or slow down, depending on the player’s skill, to adjust the players so that they are challenged individually at the same rate.

These features listed only illustrate a very small taste of how Guitar Hero 5 is poised to be a huge hit with users.