ZERO HERO – Become The Greatest Superhero Ever!

First there were superhero comics, then came the superhero action figures and not particularly long after that we saw a flood of superhero box office breaking movies. After that came the Deadpool movie to turn it all on its head and we all loved it. Why? Because it all has to do with superheroes of course! Their battle is neverending and it touches every corner of the world. Today it doesn’t really matter whether they are good or evil, we just want a piece of their superhero world handed to us one piece at a time as if we will then slowly get to become superheroes ourselves, if only for a fraction of a moment. The thing is that it can last a whole lot longer than that! ZERO HERO will make sure of that!

ZERO HERO, what is that? It’s the game that will have every superhero fan throw their homework away and kick into overdrive. A game that will keep you peeled to the screen for days, literally. It’s the one game that will allow the average Joe to become the greatest superhero ever and You get to choose what he or she is all about.

Perhaps your daily chores are keeping you from saving the world from destruction and rid it of all evil. Maybe you just don’t have a disguise that will keep your true identity secret. Either way, don’t worry about it! ZERO HERO will add your touch to the ever growing number of superheroes out there and your determination is the only factor that will determine whether you will become the greatest ever or not.

As it is best described, hone your skills rescuing wayward felines trapped in trees, then work your way to the top by battling nefarious villains, fighting off alien invasions, and slaying legendary monsters threatening the city! Build a team of superheroes with other players and fight together against other evil or reviling superhero teams for trophies. Find epic sets, armor and weapons and customize your character for victory. The battle for the world is a never-ending endeavor and you can make a difference.

It’s a free to play game that offers more than most AAA (triple A) games. When you sign up to become, well, the greatest superhero ever, you receive all this for absolutely no moolah what so ever.

  • Regular free updates and content additions.
  • Create and customize your own hero.
  • Build up your own superhero team.
  • Challenge other heroes in PvP and team battles.
  • Discover a conspiracy threatening to destroy the city.
  • Real-time villain events with thousands of players.

Not at all bad for being a free to play game if you ask us. How many games out there offer you virtually unlimited fun without charging you your wallet and your breakfast? Not many, and ZERO HERO is definitely up there among the greatest free to play online games ever created.

We can say so because we here at Bit Rebels are HUGE superhero fans and we do anything we can do get a say in the superhero battle. ZERO HERO is the game that will change your online superhero status forever. As if that was not enough, can it get any more geek? NOPE! We call that awesomeness and we can’t stop playing it!

Over one million people are already playing ZERO HERO (created by Nutaku) and it’s up to you to customize your superhero, fight your way to the top and take your place as the world’s greatest superhero ever. Can you handle that? Well, it’s up to you to show us! Instead of continuing to listen to us babble about how awesomely great this game is, it’s better if you check it out yourself. As previously said, it’s a free to play game and you have to experience the thrill, the rush, and the addiction in order to really understand how great this game is. What are you waiting for! Check it out ZERO HERO here!

ZERO HERO – Become The Best Superhero Ever!

ZERO HERO Game Review

ZERO HERO Game Review

ZERO HERO Game Review

ZERO HERO Game Review