Ghostbusters Is WAY Better With The Inception Soundtrack!

One of my favorite actresses is Sigourney Weaver. Of course it’s because of her many cult and legendary movies like Aliens, Ghostbusters and many others. When I first saw that James Cameron had returned from his adventures in the deep searching for new thrills, I was overjoyed with the fact he was working on a little science fiction flick called Avatar. I got even more excited when I saw that Sigorney Weaver was going to be in it. The anticipation of the movie was beyond huge, and it was almost like it was pre-destined to break all the records, which it ended up doing. Then, of course, came Inception, the movie following the success of Christopher Nolan‘s incarnation of Batman: The Dark Knight. That movie put mazes in our heads, and I think most of us are still wondering if the whole thing was a dream or if Leo actually returned to reality. We will just have to wait and see what’s being done about that.

So, what is the point of all of this rambling about movies? Well, how could you make a movie better than it already is? It’s a feat that I think plenty of people have wanted to do but few been able to pull off. Until recently, you had to do a remake of the movie in order to make it into an even greater success. So what is it that we can do today to further push the coolness of a movie higher and higher?

Just add the Inception soundtrack of course. The horn blowing frenetically in the Inception soundtrack has become synonymous with success somehow and more and more movies get the Inception treatment where a new trailer of an old movie gets Inceptionalized with the soundtrack. Ghostbuster is one of those movies and I must say, if this would have been the real trailer back in the 1980s, I would definitely have thought that it was WAY cooler. I mean, Ghostbusters is already cooler than cool. But with the Inception soundtrack, it’s cooler than ice!