Gotye’s Own Montage Of Somebody That I Used To Know [Video]

Sometimes a song reaches cult status, and people start to make their own covers and parodies of it. That usually happens when a song becomes successful, but that statement isn’t even enough when you think about the success that Gotye has experienced with his hit song “Somebody That I Used To Know.” 300 million plays later on YouTube, and the song is literally everywhere these days. The reason the song has become so successful can be traced back to the lyrics. A lot of people identify with Gotye and the song, and there’s no doubt all the parodies and covers have had their own part in the process of making this song a worldwide hit.

The parodies have been countless, and the covers even more. We have seen them, and we have laughed. We have listened to the song over and over and cried. The song seems to touch everyone from young to old. There is a twist to it that not too many people know about. The fact is that Gotye has actually taken some of the covers and created his own montage of the song. I guess you could call it a cover of a cover.

It’s a brilliant strategy, and the song is actually both amusing and quite good if you ask me. As usual, the pace is rapid and the videos are cut so they match perfectly into each other, making the song one big Gotye montage of awesomeness. So, if you have ever wondered why Gotye is so huge and how he has managed to capture the attention of so many people, here is your answer. It’s simply because he is making his fans a part of his music any way he can. This has to be the most epic cover of a cover I have ever seen. Maybe you think the same. Have a listen and see what you think about it. You have to agree that the montage is epic in nature and visually amusing.

Gotye’s Own Montage Of “Somebody That I Used To Know”