Vintage Computer Parts Cover Popular Songs

As I was carousing the Internet today, I stumbled across a YouTube clip titled “FUN- We Are Young- Old School Computer Remix.” Being a huge fan of remixes, computers, and old school, I thought it would be wise to take a look. As it turns out, this video had nothing to do with the 2003 Will Ferrell film, but instead was a surprisingly accurate cover of the popular song We Are Young by New York based indie-pop band, Fun, as performed by vintage computer hardware. Anyone who is a fan of vintage computer parts, robotics, or mainstream pop songs would be right at home checking out this particular YouTube channel.

The video is an accurate portrayal of the 2012 Billboard chart topper, but instead of being fueled by Nate Ruess’ powerful vocals, you will find a HP Scanjet 3C taking up the lead. The rest of the lineup consists of a Yamaha CX-5 keyboard, two internal PC hard drives to replicate drums, and a BWD-504 oscilloscope that was used to show the audio output from the keyboard. The drum beats for the hard drives are controlled off screen by a remote control.

This video was posted by Canadian YouTuber BD594 who has also put out several other videos that use robotics to make covers of music. His most popular video thus far is the haunting rendition of Gotye’s hit Somebody That I Used To Know, and it features some of the same hardware appearances as we see in the We Are Young video. This particular version of Somebody That I Used To Know has hit almost 3.5 million views since its upload 2 months ago, which is only roughly 356 million views shy of the actual song as performed by Gotye. Check out the covers of these songs below, and if you like them, go check out the rest of BD594’s videos at his channel on YouTube.

Vintage Computer Parts Covering Songs


Via: [Huffington Post]