Great Guide On How To Make A Home Studio

Recording a song, perhaps your first song is a very exciting time but can also feel quite overwhelming. Do you have the right equipment? Have you practiced the song enough? Is your guitar in tune? These are the kind of questions which will go through your head which is perfectly natural. Hopefully, with our help by the end of reading this, you should have your own little home studio ready for you to record.

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The Basics

Some of the essential components you will need:

  • A desktop computer or a laptop
  • midi controller – This is a very important piece of software that allows you to send Music Instrument Digital Interface performance values to another piece of hardware or software.
  • Headphones – Ideally noise isolation ones or studio ones are the best.
  • A few cables
  • One mic stand
  • A pop filter – This helps make the vocals you record clearer by reducing popping sounds caused by the fast-moving particles of air during vocal recording.

A Microphone

A microphone is one of the necessary devices needed when recording a song. Artists can make use of the built-in mics on their computers or laptops. Many people use them to record their entire albums. However, it is not possible to record high-quality songs this way. One of the cost-effective devices that you need to consider is a Shure SM57 mic. This is a reliable and cost-effective option, especially for the beginners. It is also one of the best microphones for distorted guitars.

The Digital Audio WorkStation

This is useful software that is used in recording, mixing and editing songs. It is free, user-friendly and easy to use the software. It is compatible with Apple computers. It comes with a GarageBand. The average cost of a DAW software is 60 USD. The Tracktion is one of the recommended and powerful DAW software.

An Audio Interface

This interface is used for converting your audio signals from the microphone. It works best with computers that have XLR ports. You can get high-quality sound by paying more. The Focusrite Scarlett audio interface is one of the best audio interfaces that you can consider. Its average cost ranges from 80 to 130 USD. It is known for producing high-quality sound.

Setting Up A DIY Home

The following are the basic steps that you should follow when recording audio:

Installing Your DAW software You should install the best type of DAW software on your device. Make sure that it is compatible with your laptop or computer. This is the hardware that connects the other gears with the computer. Doing this right will make the process easier and straightforward.

Connecting Your Audio Interface

There are two important cables that you need to be connected to an audio interface. These are the USB cable and the AC cable (wall plug). This is something that you can figure out easily. Your computer should recognize your devices and the audio interface. Otherwise, you will be required to install some drivers.

Connecting Your Microphone

This device should be connected to the audio interface. Sometimes you might be working with different sets of microphones, each having its purpose. Some of them are designed for drums and other for acoustic guitars. Every cable has two ends-male and female. One end is connected to the audio interface and the other one to the microphone. You should figure out where to connect the two ends.

Checking For Levels

Make sure that everything has been done correctly. For instance, you should check whether the mic and the other cables are well connected. Also, check if your software and hardware are cooperating. The level of your mic and stand should also be considered.

Following those can help you in recording good songs at home. This write-up will also help you in understanding the importance of various components that you need when recording audio. Recording music at home is another great way of saving time and money since you don’t have to visit the local studio or hire producers. It is an affordable option for recording audio. This will also make you an experienced audio producer.

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