Highest Earning Dogs In Show Business [Infographic]

I am a frequent, if not a fanatic, visitor of the Box Office Mojo site where you can find updated information about already released and upcoming movies, including how much money they’ve each grossed. Going to that site is almost like a drug cause all the information you ever wanted to know about movies is at your fingertips. As some of you already know, I am also a statistics fanatic, and I crunch all the numbers I can find, simple as that. The amount of money that movies have grossed for the past few months has been lower than usual, and that is a reflection of the lack of good movies.

However, the actors and actresses of the movies get their share of royalties and percentage off of them, and many times they earn in the 7-8 figure amounts. Some of the biggest stars in show business are still making 10-20 million per movie, even though their movies don’t always meet the expectations of everyone and don’t break even.

However, the world doesn’t just consist of human movie stars. There are plenty of animal stars that make almost as much as the biggest human stars, which I know might sound weird. One category of animals, and also the most successful one, is of course the dogs. The most famous one is Lassie, but there are plenty of other dogs who have made big headlines and reaped the successes of epic movie releases. And with their success comes a lot of money being earned. I really mean a lot of it, truckloads even.

You will be surprised to know that there are at least 10 dogs who are making more money than most human actors. Paw Digs put together (with Killer Infographics) a neat infographic that will iron out any doubt that making money is purely for two legged intelligent species. All combined, these 10 dogs have grossed more than $1,946,185,383! That’s not too bad for being on four legs, not being able to talk and not being able to read the scripts. Amazing if you ask me!

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Iconic Dogs In Show Business