Hitchhiker’s Guide To Playing Free Games and Winning Real Prizes

As any hitchhiker’s guide, we will start with the words DON’T PANIC! – We like to add to the phrase, Prizes are spin to win prizes for free are there for you to collect.

We all know and love the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but in this case, we’ve created our own guide filled with all the tips and tricks on how to take advantage of games that offer spin to win prizes for free in online casinos.

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Free Means Free

Yup, they are not offering you free money if you deposit money. That means you create an account, sprint to win prizes for free, and use them. Generally, the rewards can range from digital currencies used to purchase tech or other items, or in most cases, coupons or vouchers for a set amount of money to be played in different casinos.

Fun Competition And Memories To Be Made

Leader boards are always in the center of casinos that offer free games and real prizes. It’s all fun and games there, but the competition adds even more excitement! If players finish on the top of the ladder board, they get weekly and monthly prizes. Prizes range from vouchers in other casinos to smart devices. For that reason,  there is always a reason to play and win points in these types of casinos.

Countless Slots Games To Enjoy

One thing that free casinos offer to their players is the number of games in their library. It’s enormous, and it’s constantly growing. Any game offers the same old spin to win prizes for free experience, but it adds a different flavor. Themes always match the feel of the casino and offer an adventure in a different universe varying from mythology to pop-culture settings.

Reviews For Other Casinos

They know how to guide the player from beginner level to high-stakes games. After players get used to the casino environment and want to up the game and play for real money, these types of casinos that offer free games have reviewed the top quality casinos and offer special bonuses if they want to play there. Also, users can use their free in-game currencies to buy vouchers with free spins and deposits for real money casinos and have a good starting point.


As you can see, online casinos can be more than generous, especially for new players who just want to enter spin competitions and earn prizes! It will be the stepping stone for those players who wish to continue playing for high-stakes and even double the deposits with real money casinos.

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