How To Become A Sports Betting Pro

Do you dream of making a living from sports betting? While not easy by any means, it’s far from impossible. This article presents some professional sports betting strategies, which take pluses, minuses, and ease of use into account. They will work anywhere as long as sports betting is not against the law in a particular location.

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Know The Starting Lineup

When it comes to sports betting, fantasy sports, and other betting, knowing the lineup can be critical. This applies to MLB gaming, NBA starting lineups, and more. The batting order is crucial, as is knowing the pitcher. provides confirmed lineups as well as projected ones based on comprehensive data, such as trends, performance, injuries, news, and more.

Go Against The Grain

Betting against the public can be very lucrative for you. To predict how the public might bet, have a look at who’s playing. Does the team have a solid, passionate fan base? They will be likely to bet on their favorite teams. A team that boasts long-term success will attract more bets.

Don’t Bet More Than You Can Lose

Sports betting pros don’t bet more than 4% of their bankroll on a game. This is a way to limit risk. You would need to bet as little as $10 per event to cover this requirement with a small bankroll. Another option is betting a fixed amount every time. Your whole balance will never be lost, considering the average winning probability.

Make sure to take advantage of promos or bonuses where you can. With North Carolina recently approving legislation, you will be eligible for a BetMGM North Carolina bonus code.

Bet On Whoever Lost The Previous Game

The losing team has a bigger chance of rebounding and winning the next game. This betting strategy has been around for forty years at least. Basically, the losing team is motivated to win to make up for the loss.

Exchange Betting

Bookmakers are not involved in this type of betting even though fixed odds are used. The two parties to the wager are the bettors. The first bettor takes the role of bookmaker and offersfixed odds to the second one. The first person pays based on the odds if the second person’s selection proves accurate. If not, the first person gets their stake.

Fixed odds are a traditional form of betting where you try to guess an outcome and then bet on the respective selection. As people agree on the odds when they place a wager, they are called “fixed”. If someone makes a winning bet, their payout depends on the odds.

In-Play And Live Betting

These bets are less traditional in that they are placed before the match or event starts. With in-play, you can also place wagers during the event. As it has created many excellent opportunities, this type of betting has become very lucrative.


Pari-mutuel can be used for different sports, but mainly horseracing. Neither a bookmaker nor odds are involved here. For each market, the players’ stakes are pooled. The bettors who made accurate predictions get their payout from this pool when the event ends.

Spread Betting

Finally, those who try their luck with spread betting need to decide whether an amount will be over or under the spread posted. The difference determines your win or loss.

You’re More Likely To Lose

This is a fact of gambling: losing money is more likely than winning. Accordingly, you must know how much you can afford to lose. You can set a monthly or weekly budget to this end and for all other purposes. Don’t make too many wagers. You’ll lose money faster, just like you would if you made few, but very high wagers.

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