How Esports Is Shaping The Future Of Gambling

The advent of eSports may have not elicited a lot of reaction. However, when League of Legends overtook the world’s most popular sports and became second after Baseball, most began developing a keener interest in this sector.

The last ten years have seen a steady rise in eSports popularity, especially with tournaments worth millions of dollars held around the world every year. Originally, eSports was more popular in East Asia but the story is shifting towards Western Europe.

More countries now draft their eSports for big events like League of Legends World Cup. Another remarkable milestone in eSports is the introduction of games like Overwatch and Dota 2 in betting platforms.

Thus, the big question most people are asking right now is how eSports is changing the future of gambling. Well, before we answer that question, sign up with Fanduel, your favorite sportsbook before you can place a wager on your popular eSports game.

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A Growing Market

Esports is a growing betting market. Game developers are relentless in their effort to giving players mind-boggling experiences on leading betting platforms.  In the United States, for example, eSports revenue currently stands at $350 million.

It closely rivals traditional sports such as the NFL. The fact that more features such as skins, which cost money, and new games are being introduced make eSports even more appealing to punters.

Another notable aspect of eSports that is making it popular, and possibly, the future of gambling is yearly competitions that are worth millions of dollars. If you would like to place your first eSports bet, use this Borgata bonus code to get exclusive offers.

The Market Is Untapped

The momentum of eSports going into the future is unstoppable. Game developers such as Riot Games are not relenting in their quest to make eSports like League of Legends even more popular. The most notable aspect of eSports that makes it the future of sports betting is the untapped potential.

From gamers who would like to be part of the revolution to upcoming developers doing everything it takes to keep players engaged, we can expect more.  Esports organizations are helping take these games to the world with a good example being Major League Gaming Inc (MLG).

The gaming organization recently organized events that targeted players in the U.S.A and Canada. The most recent event organized by MLG took place on 3rd April with a prize of $1,000,000 up for grabs.

A Huge Entertainment Value

Another thing that makes eSports the future of gambling is its entertainment value. Several eSports arenas are being constructed around the world, an indication that the sport continued to draw millions of fans from around the world.

The fact that viewers can stream eSports tournaments via popular streaming platforms such as Twitch makes it even more appealing. That is not to mention that in the United States, high schools are now drafting Esports teams to participate in major world tournaments.

The English Premier League now has its version of eSports with big clubs like Manchester United having eSports teams. It is more than just betting. The huge entertainment value people draw from eSports means it is shaping the future of gambling.

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