How I became a Hero | Richard Darell

I am so in awe right now. I didn’t know it was going to be this big of a response to what I did. When I first viewed this I couldn’t cope with the scale of this and I don’t think I ever will. The magnitude of their treatment is just about as humbling as it can get. My biggest question right now is how to react. How do you properly react in situations like this? Whatever suggestions you have I would appreciate it if you left a comment.

So, is it time for me to change my phone number now? Is it time to call a body guard agency to make sure I get a couple of grunts to protect me from the masses? Do I even dare to go out anymore. I guess dropping off my daughter at the daycare is going to be infinitely harder from now on. I am just happy I could help so I hope people won”t look at it in a different way and become weird. After all, I am only me. Enjoy! LOL

This clip is in Swedish but I took the time to translate it for you, sentence by sentence.

– “Do you hear me?
– “In these times there are several important questions we should be asking ourselves.”
– “How can you and I and our children trust that what we see on the television and hear on the radio is true?”
– “And how we know that our opinions is our own?”
– “How can we be sure that the weaker voices gets heard instead of being scared into silence?”
– “I can tell you why.”
– “There is one person we have to thank for this.”
– “It is this person that we have to thank for new perspectives.”
– “It is this person that we have to thank for having a choice.”
– “It is this person who gives us an alternative to indifference and short-term opinions.”
– “It is this person we have to thank for ordinary days becoming special days.”
– “A day where we rise up from the couch and say… “I have changed my opinion.””
– “There is only one word that would properly describe this person.”
– “Hero.”
– “Thank you!”

If you want to see this movie in full screen you can do so by clicking this link: Hero | Richard Darell

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